These mistakes happened to Anil Ambani, so his companies are going to sell now

These mistakes happened to Anil Ambani, so his companies are going to sell now

Anil Ambani once again went into a loss and he has some work behind it.

The title of India's richest businessman has been given to Mukesh Ambani for the last several years. But since his younger brother Anil Ambani started doing business separately from Mukesh Ambani, his circumstances are not looking good. Mukesh Ambani used to compensate for his loss and debt for some time, as his elder brother, but these mistakes to the heavy Anil Ambani, this time Anil Ambani is going through a lot of trouble.

Anil Ambani suffered these mistakes

Currently, Reliance Communication is going through the process of insolvency law. According to the quarterly results released on Friday, the company incurred a loss of more than 30 thousand crores and this was the second major loss in corporate history after Vodafone-Idea. Anil Ambani is sipping his assets to pay off the debt. Apart from Anil Ambani, Chhaya Virani, Rayna Karani, Manjari Kakkar, and Suresh Rangachar have also resigned. Of these, Anil Ambani, Chhaya Virani, and Manjari Kaker resigned on November 15, while Rayana Karani resigned on November 14 and Suresh Rangachar on November 13. In 2008, Anil Ambani had assets of $ 42 billion, which after 11 years has come down to close to $ 5230 million in 2019. Which is close to Rs 3651 crore and let you know that the price of the pledged share has also been included in this property. In March 2018, the total debt of Reliance Group was Rs 1.7 lakh crore, by March 31, 2019, RCom had a debt of about Rs 35, 600 crores.

Reliance Power had a debt of Rs 30,200 crore, Reliance Capital had a loan of Rs 38,900 crore and Reliance Naval and Engineering had a loan of Rs 7 thousand crores by March 2019. RCom's total liabilities include a license fee of Rs 23,327 crore and a spectrum usage fee of Rs 4,987 crore. RCom and its subsidiaries did not make provisions for the interest of Rs 1,210 crore and foreign exchange fluctuations of Rs 458 crore. In 2005, Dhirubhai Ambani's Rs 28,000 crore Reliance Group was split and then the profitable telecom sector was with Anil Ambani. With this, it was decided that the elder brother Mukesh Ambani should not interfere in this area in the coming 10 years. But the loss of this company continued.

Jio's initiation divided

CDMA was launched by Reliance Infocomm in the year 2002 and it supported 3G with 2G but by then 4G was about to start in India. Then, with little profit, the scheme started going into losses. In 2002, Anil Ambani opted for CDM technology when Reliance Infocomme debuted. On the one hand, Anil Ambani was in a loss at the same time, Mukesh Ambani launched Jio. Vodafone-Idea and Airtel suffered heavy losses as soon as it was launched and they also had to reduce their rates because it was launched in Jio Free. Its sim was sold hands-on and in a short time, crores of people started using the sim of Jio. At the same time, Anil Ambani had sold companies like Big Cinema, Reliance Big Broadcasting, and Big Magic.

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