Try these remedies to remove blackness of lips, lips will become pink in 2 days

Try these remedies to remove blackness of lips, lips will become pink in 2 days

Everyone wants pink lips and people use a variety of products to make lips pink. But even after this, their lips do not turn pink. If your lips are also black and you want to pink them. So instead of using lip balm and scrub found in the market, you should use the scrub mentioned below. You can easily make this scrub at home and applying these scrubs on the lips will make the lips very soft and pink.

sugar beets

Beetroot is considered beneficial for health and eating it does not cause anemia in the body. The color of the beetroot is pink and by applying it on the lips, the lips can be pinkened naturally. Dry the beetroot and scrub it like this and apply this scrub on your lips daily. Applying this scrub on the lips will turn lips pink.

Prepare scrub like this

You cut and wash a beetroot and keep it in the sun for a few days. When it dries well then grind it and prepare a powder. After this, grind the sugar coarsely and mix these powders in it. Close this scrub in a box. When you use this scrub, add glycerin in it and rub it on the lips. Rub this scrub on the lips for two minutes with light hands and then clean it with the help of water. As soon as you clean it, there will be pinkness on your lips, which will remain for a long time.


Black lips of the lips can also be removed with the help of rice. You take some rice and grind them well. Then you put Vaseline in it and prepare the scrub. Rub this scrub on the lips for 3 minutes. By doing this, the blackness accumulated on the lips will disappear and the lips will start glowing and become very soft.


You take some rose flowers and break their leaves. Then wash these leaves and dry them in the sun. When these leaves dry well, then grind them. After this, you also grind a little sugar in a grinder and mix rose powder in this powdered sugar. Prepare a scrub by adding a little honey to this mixture and rub this scrub on your lips with light hands. By using this scrub, the lips do not crack in winter and their blackness also ends.

Apart from the things mentioned above, you should also apply almond oil on your lips every night before sleeping. Almond oil contains vitamin E, which turns the skin white and the skin of lips remains soft too.

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