New Jersey : 6 People killed including a police officer

Firing in cemeteries and supermarkets in US / New Jersey, 6 killed including a police officer

Those killed in the firing include 2 suspects besides 3 local civilians.
Police officials said - this is not a terrorist attack, but it is also under investigation
Washington. There was a four-hour firing between gunmen and police on Tuesday in New Jersey, USA. During this time 6 people including a police officer and two suspects were killed. While three people including 2 police officers are injured. Shooting incidents are common in the US. In 2017, around 40 thousand people were killed in a shootout.

According to police, firing took place at two different locations in Jersey City. The first shot in the cemetery. Police tried to stop the attackers who were running from the car. He shot Detective Joseph Seals. Joseph died during treatment. The attackers then barged into a supermarket. Police emergency service units including Swot were sent here. About four hours of encounter took place between the police and the attackers.

Five bodies recovered from supermarket

After the operation, bodies of 5 people have been found from the supermarket. Two of them belong to the attackers. Two other policemen were also injured in the incident, who was admitted to the hospital. Police officials believe that this is not a terrorist attack, but it is still being investigated. There is also a Jewish prayer site and school near the scene.

Nearby schools closed

Schools in the South District of Jersey City were closed after the incident. District School tweeted- All students and staff are safe. An hour later, another tweet said, "We will not expel students until we are cleared by the police."

Firing in the supermarket after the cemetery

Michael Kelly said the firing took place at two places, initially firing at a cemetery where a police officer was killed. After that, there was firing in Kosher Super Market from where 5 more bodies were found. Kelly said that in this incident our police personnel was engulfed in firing for hours.

Kelly said that he could not tell how many rounds of firing took place, but a policeman was trying to stop the attackers, then he was killed.

City Public Safety Director James Shea said that officials believe that this terrorist was not Hamala, but still it is under investigation.

Gun culture has once again struck America. Six people, including a police officer, were killed in a shootout in New Jersey. Two other police officers and a civilian were injured. Among the dead were three civilians, two thugs, and a police officer. The event took place on Tuesday afternoon at a mall in Jersey City. The thugs who got there in a truck opened fire on them and many were trapped inside the store, police said. As soon as the matter became known to the police, the gunmen opened fire on them. This caused hours of fierce fighting between the police and the thugs. Jersey streets were hit with gunfire.

Authorities have ordered local schools and other shops to close immediately following the fire. A police officer who lost his life in the shootings has previously worked to eradicate gun culture. Jersey City Public Safety Director James Schio said the shootings had nothing to do with the terrorists and that the investigation was ongoing. Two police officers who were injured said they were discharged from the hospital.

US President Donald Trump has strongly condemned the firing. He described this as a horrific event... He condoled the families of the deceased. Periodically reviewing the situation .. assured that the necessary assistance.

Four days ago, an American soldier opened fire on Hawaii's historic Pearl Harbor, killing two civilians and injuring another. The accused then shot himself and committed suicide. Indian Air Force commander Arke Bhadouria was also there. Bhadouria went to attend a meeting of the Pacific Air Force Commanders at the Pearl Harbor venue.

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