Top MBA College in India

Top mba colleges in india


Best college with 100% placements with good companies. ROI is also good as compared to other colleges.

The positive remark would be the placement because at the end of the day it’s all about your placement and packages. So, yeah in this field I think you can not get the best out of it. As I have seen many of the colleges which actually tell u that we give 100% placements and all but at last, they fail to but this is not in my college. The last batch that is 2017-19 batch has just passed and almost everyone had been placed with some or other good companies.


  • I think as per the ROI and placement are concerned the fees are- FEASIBLE. You get good ROI as compare to fees u pay at college. As 100% placements mean every student gets placements here. And the fees are around 6.99 lakhs for 2 years full-time program And the package is concerned-4.5 LPA to 14 LPA.

  • Yeah, as the internship is there our college provides both SIP AND WIP to there students so that students can get the exposer of industry and the markets. As per the company is concerned many companies come with the internship program some of them are- OYO ROOMS, CADBURY, BAJAJ FINSERV, MAPRO, BRITANNIA, some of the real state companies also and many more just I have described few of them. And my SIP was with OYO ROOMS. As about stipend is considered yeah many companies come with a paid internship and many companies provide generally the better training for the students. So, for me, I think stipend doesn’t play an important role as compared to what you get from the company’s in learning.


  • Firstly, you have to give national level exams either we can say as CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT, etc. Then you have to fill the form our the college on the college website. Then you will have an interview that is GDPI at the college then after this, all happens the merit list is made by the college for the students.


  • As I opted at the hostel that is in our college is compulsory for all the 1-year students to stay at the college hostel. As per the rating is concerned- the hostel was neat and clear everything was fine with all basic amenities and all facilities to the students.


  • Yeah to be very frank and honest the senior and alumni are really very helpful in every expects. Our college has a strong network with the alumni and the seniors because to get the knowledge about the basic requirements for the industry in the coming period by these seniors and alumni.


  • As I think I am not big enough to judge the faculty of the college but as it’s compulsory to fill, I think the college faculty are best in every expects as compare to teaching level, as compared to personal issues in every expects I think the faculty over here are well educated and well qualified.


  • They are all quite well. Basically here students get exposer to do as per there choice. There are regular sports are held for mental and physical development to students. Not only inter-college but also at university level etc are also played.


  • The course is basically for a 2years full-time program we have 4 semesters in this period that is 1 year we have 2 semesters and the rest 2 in the last and final year. We have weekly tests of every subject in fortnights.


  • Many events are celebrated in our college that is INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES(PUNE). Some of the areas under- RUN FOR FUN EVERY YEAR ON 15/august. Volleyball matches, VISTA MANTHAN, Freshers for juniors, etc and much more crickets, football table tennis, etc.


  • Our college is basically tied with PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK which actually provides loan to the students those who need to get. And you can take a loan from urself also from a different bank it’s not compulsory to take the loan from PNB.

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